According to the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy) the energy transition is the way to a safe, environmentally sustainable and economically successful future. However, to implement the overall strategy and to make it commercially successful, a lot of work is still required. This especially is reflected in the initial economic burden of the energy companies. For a more efficient use of energy, market participants - distribution system operators, transport system operators, electricity suppliers - must provide accurate data for the accounting of electricity and gas consumption. At the same time, the liberalization of the energy market means that customers can freely choose their electricity and gas supplier today. The consequence: Energy companies had to deal with the development of a supply management, because no longer only customers of the own grid area need to be supplied but also customers whose delivery points are located in the territory of other grid operators.

Due to the changing market conditions, action is not only required at the business process level but also on the IT level. The IT-sided support of daily operations and the wish for a sustainable as well as customer and user friendly solution, requires a software that can be adapted to the current needs and maps the appropriate requirements in its functionalities as extensive as possible.

The product portfolio described on the following pages was developed in close cooperation with our customers and SAP. The resulting solutions not only complement the SAP EDM solution with market-specific functionalities but also complete the entire portfolio of the PROLOGA group in the field of utilities.