The changes at the national and international energy markets happen with increasingly high intensity. This is caused by the growing awareness of climatic consequences and the inevitable composition of the energy generation.

This situation involves the adaption of the previous structures of the energy industry. The proceeding regulation of the energy markets effects this already at energy industrial companies. The Energy industry has to deal with new solutions. So PROLOGA Energy orientate like this as well. The expertise of the company is made up the following elements:


The core competences of PROLOGA Energy are intimately connected with the SAP development cooperation. Today PROLOGA Energy has extend from the typical field of gas industrial and native add-on functionality for SAP IS-U/EDM to development for new products at the application field smart metering and smart grids. More lines of products will follow.
This does not mean that the other core competences will not be developed. This competences will orientate themselves at the new solutions. This already happens at PROLOGA Energy with a modified consulting offering and new contents at the oldenburger gastage.