Real-time information based on the measured data from smart meters include essential information for energy companies and their different business units. Also concerning the energy transition and the shorter regulatory deadlines provide real-time data with the information necessary to achieve optimization of the value chain from the power plant to the end customer.

PROLOGA Energy as a development partner of SAP SE and OSIsoft has created a solution the Smart Gateway that allows to exchange to necessary data between SAP IS-U and OSIsoft PI Server as a Meter Data Management System (MDM) via web services.

The Smart Gateway provides the support, all WebServices from the AMI@SAP Enhancement Package (EHP) 4, 5 and 6 from the field device management, time series management and customer service in the communication within a Meter Data Management Systems (MDM). The Smart Gateway was developed completely in ABAP as an integrated solution to SAP.

The future requirements of the Smart Meter Gateway taking into account the BSI protection profile will apply.