SAP IS-U/EDM Consulting

The SAP EDM as a component of SAP IS-U is a solution that fulfills the requirements for load metering, balancing of energy, schedule management and billing of load metered energy consumptions.

EDM covers this as a centralised database for energy data, balancing and schedule management with the help of the balancing workbench and billing of time series through the means of the real-time-pricing module.


Since PROLOGA Energy Solutions is a development partner of SAP, within this cooperation native Add-On solutions for market players in the gas market were developed within SAP IS-U/EDM. Therefore we consider the architecture of the displayed figure in any implementation project related to the gas market.

We support you with specifications and tender offer processes, where we apply our broad know-how, taking the relevant regulations and laws into regard. Our portfolio consists of services to implement or adjust EDM systems according to the requirements of the liberalized gas markets within the local regulations or technical rules. Furthermore we support you in defining and introducing the necessary contract types and in establishing enterprise functions within gas network connections.

Our main focus is:

  • Balancing processes
  • Nomination processes
  • Declaration processes
  • Analysis, panning and introduction of standard load profiles (SLP)
  • Developing of proper mathematical algorithms (e.g. optimizing of SLP)
  • Implementation of formulas and hourly factors of load profiles in SAP IS-U/EDM
  • Planning of energy data management for any market role (entry-, exit-/balancing group model)
  • Market communication

In case of further gas specific functions and processes, we consult you about the possibilities and field of application of our product spectrum, which complements the standard functions of SAP IS-U/EDM in various aspects as a partner product. The gas-specific commercial requirements relating to the processes for gas receipt stations as NKPs or RLM stations, as well as the presentation of the standard gas load profiles, are basic requirements for highly automated gas balancing processes. Gas receipt stations play a central role in the transport of gas and form the feed and discharge points for balancing processes, due to the modified requirements.

Besides the gas sector, we also offer professional consultation and SAP-integrated solutions for the electricity sector.

We will be happy to advise you.