SAP Consulting IS-U/CCS

The business suite “SAP for Utilities” is a billing and information system oriented towards business processes and can be used for all supply options and services of a utilities and service company. The industry specific solution “SAP IS-U” can be used to manage administration and billing of tariff customers, industry customers and service customers. The basic functions are used to manage addresses and regional structures and to appoint dates for meter readings, advance payments and billing. Master data are used to manage data entries that do not change for long periods of time, this includes business partners, contracts and contract accounts, connection objects and their points of consumption, installations and device locations. The device management enables the installation and reading of all meter devices. The billing includes the conventional areas of electricity and gas as well as water and waste water and others. If required and sensible, a combined invoice for all services can be made out. SAP IS-U is fully integrated with SAP IS-U/EDM.


The various market roles in the sector of the utilities industry are subject to continuous change due to changes in regulations, the market or customer expectations. This implies a constant need to adjust business processes in terms of organization as well as IT-aspects to comply with market requirements.

The SAP Consulting Team IS-U/CCS offers SAP consultation for every sector in the SAP Utilities application with a focus on support processes for energy data management. PROLOGA Energy has the professional knowledge to be able to offer our customers consulting services for a great variety of processes in the SAP IS-U/CCS systems.

These include but are by no means limited to the following fields:

    Change of supplier processesGas billingGrid usage billingBilling of imbalancesBalancing group accountingCapacity managementDevice management

All projects begin with a professional concept that takes into account regulations, laws and specific customer requirements. The concept will then be specified in all technical detail and in the end implemented according to customer needs. PROLOGA Energy's experience with projects in Germany and other European countries as well as an integral approach assures the perfect solutions for your company which will be integrated with existing structures.

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