Business Consulting "gas and power business requirements"

The European gas market generates new challenges:

The gas trading and gas transportation in Europe is facing the next stage of development: the regional gas markets will be developed based on the "internal energy market" packages, and a unified regulation by the specifications of ACER and the ENTSO-G to a common internal market for natural gas. The same time the gas flows in Europe change with a change in volume (eg, North Stream, projects such as Nabucco) and a change in demand (eg the UK) but also national policy objectives such as Biogas feeds and Organic gas trading.

Sustainability and energy efficiency have taskmasters in the electricity market:

The changes in the electricity industry too since the start of regulation have steadily increased in complexity and dynamics. Set by the climate-related CO2 savings and politically / socially desired changes in the energy mix are many established structures in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity to the test bench.

Over the company's history with their customers and partners PROLOGA Energy Consulting becomes more motivation to focus on power sector projects.

PROLOGA Energy Consulting has many years of project experience in diverse disciplines edited. Below is an excerpt:

Transport and storage management

  • Static and dynamic calculation of load flows and capacity, modeling of storage
  • Design and calculation of capacity products
  • Process definition / optimization for network access and storage management
  • Specification of SCADA systems
  • Specification of network prediction, simulation and optimization
  • Definition and scope of the technical volume determination (eg, AGA 8) and the calorific value determination process 

Trading and portfolio management

  • Structuring of portfolio management and supply optimization with take-or-pay quantity assessment;
  • Preparation of related tender amount
  • Structure of supply and delivery contracts in procurement and sales portfolio
  • Development of storage strategies in conjunction with Portfolio Management
  • Specification, tendering and implementation support introduction of gas trading and portfolio management systems
  • Introduction of capacity and nomination management processes as well as the balancing group management for balance responsible 

Energy Data Management Gas and electricity

    Planning and adaptation of EDM processes to changing international and national guidelines such as the current grid codes (transportation and distribution) and on gas-functional requirements from GERG / DVGW G486, G685 and G 488 and to current economic demandsStructure and function in support of corporate network access, such as Net sales, accounting and payroll Definition of standard load profile models for different markets Optimization of standard load profiles with the PROLOGA Energy approach, which was certified by the German regulatory authorityReduce analysis in high deviations of the additional or reduced amount of settlementChanges in accounting methods (e.g. pooling accounting areas shift from analytic to the synthetic procedure)Planning of smart metering and processes necessary changes in the business and IT architecture