Business Consulting

PROLOGA Energy management consulting focus on two significant objects of our consulting clients - the business architecture and technical issues of national and international gas and electricity markets:

The following illustration shows the structure of a business architecture:


Strategies of companies are influenced by regulatory requirements and business decisions. This influences the business architecture and will determine the specified strategy for their implementation. The characteristics of business processes supported the necessary requirements of the IT architecture.

In the national and international gas and electricity industry have been determining changes in energy policy and regulation with increasing tendency of the day's business energy suppliers and network operators. This causes changes at all levels of the enterprise architecture.

PROLOGA Energy Consulting specializes exactly on this since the company was founded. To offer support to the company has consolidated over the time following consulting services, which was used in many important projects very successfully.

Level strategy consulting services:

  • Preparation of business plans
  • Screening of policy options for regulatory requirements
  • Business Development
  • Commissioned reports of Business Information

Level business consulting services architecture:

  • Analysis and development of business processes with ARIS tool in the pre-set PROLOGA Energy business process models for each market participant (TSO, DSO and supplier) as well based on the eBIX-market roles.
  • Business process cost analysis and business process optimization
  • Preparation of Business Concepts
  • Preparation of tender specifications

Architecture-level IT consulting services:

  • Preparation of IT specifications
  • Preparation of IT requirement specifications
  • Preparation of IT concepts